Freitag, 26. September 2014

Summernights - A short story -

Street lights are shining. Leading my path back home. It's early morning. 4 o'clock.
It's one of those nights you call magic. A summer night. You don't have to wear a jacket, it's still warm enough. I wear this colorful summer-dress. Flowers in my hair. Back to the seventies.

They all sat there around the campfire. It could be sequence out of a music video for a country song. The boys played the guitar, the girls sang along. Some old Bryan Adams songs, "Summer of 69" just to mention one.
Roasting marshmallows. The smell of burnt sugar never tasted so sweet. All the girls made different salads. Eating sausages. Of course, the boys said. No campfire without sausages. The girls laughed about this boyish silliness.
But, they realized it's way more than only eating sausages.
Then there was this moment of silence. You heard nothing beside the cracking noise from the campfire and chirping.
"Thank you for being here with me. It's magic." I said to break through the silent. They all nodded, silently. All of the sudden every one stood up. We held eachothers hand and danced around the campfire. It was wonderful.
And then...
I woke up.

Mittwoch, 24. September 2014

My Bruce Springsteen Playlist

As I mentioned in my post about Bruce Springsteen, I want to post a list of my favorite songs by him.
So, here it is (It's in order from the first published to the last published):


Thunder Road

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out


Born to Run



Independence Day

Hungry Hearts

The River

Atlantic City

Highway Patrolman

Born in the USA

Glory Days

Dancing in the Dark

My Hometown

Tougher than the rest

Brilliant Disguise

Human Touch

Better Days

If I should fall behind

Lonesome Day

Into the Fire

Waitin' on a sunny day

Nothing Man

Countin' on a miracle

Further On

The Fuse

The Rising

My city of Ruins

Long Walk Home

Outlaw Pete

Working on a dream

Queen of the Supermarket

What love can do

Tomorrow never knows

Life Itself

Kingdom of Days

We take care of our own

Easy Money

Shackled and Drawn

Jack of all trades

Death to my hometown

The Depression

Wrecking Ball

You've got it

Rocky Ground

Land of Hope and Dreams

High Hopes

American Skin

Just like fire would

Frankie fell in Love

This is your sword

Hunter of Invisible Game

Dienstag, 23. September 2014

Happy Birthday, Boss!

I still remember the moment, my mother told me: "Look, Bruce Springsteen gives a concert! Would you like to go? Your dad and I listened to his songs a lot when we were at your age!"
To be honest, the only thing I knew about him was that he was the guy who sang "Born in the USA". You know I listen to rock music a lot and I really liked this song, so I agree, said, yes, why not?!
It was one of those beautiful summer evenings, the 9th of July 2012.
I sat there, in this huge Swiss stadium, scared of this huge amount of people, not sure what I should expect.
And then, the show begun, nearly silently, I just realized it because everybody start screaming when the band came onstage. He greeted the audience in Swiss german with this awesome American accent.
He had me at the very first song. I was so surprised how much I actually liked it. After a while, I could not sit on my seat any longer. I run down to the standing audience and start dancing around, in the middle of these people I don't even know, sang songs I heard the first time then. And I never felt so free, I felt like I could fly. It was perfect, this summer night, standing in the middle of people I don't know, dance like I never danced before.
To understand, why this moment means so much to me, I have to go back a little. This is kind of personal, but hey, this blog is personal, that's the idea behind it.
I suffered from a type of depression for about 2 1/2 years, over a half year I barley left the house. So this concert was the first step back to normality. But I never expected it to be such a huge influence on  my life. I never felt the same on a concert before and never the same after.
So, the 9th of July was this huge turning point in life. Thanks to Bruce Springsteen.
Now, I can say his easily my favorite musician. Most of the time I listen to his music and I still discover new songs I love.
Well, I probably should explain, what I exactly like about Bruce Springsteen, what makes him stand out from the crowd.
First thing is of course, his music, this huge variety of songs, slow once, fast once, sad once, happy once.. well, you get it right?
And please do me a favor, if you listen to his songs, listen carefully listen to the lyrics. Because the lyrics make Bruce Springsteen so outstanding for me. Of course he's this famous musician BUT he's still a working class man. And that's what his songs are about, the working class, the "normal" people and their worries about their lives, loves, politic, economy, everything! It's pure and authentic rock music. I mean this now 65 year old Bruce Springsteen sings out his soul and makes every concert his very best, is incredible and unique. If you get the chance, watch one of his concerts on youtube, or even better go to a concert!
What I find extremely impressing and inspiring is Bruce character. As I said he's still a working class man, despite his success so down to earth and, that's the point a really good friend, a perfect "Boss".
His band, "the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, hard-rocking, booty-shaking, love-making, earth-quaking, Viagra-taking, justifying, death-defying, legendary" E Street Band is a strong group of musician but more important of friends. 
As he lost one of his best friends, and for me the best saxophonist ever, Clarence "Big Man" Clemons he made this wonderful speech to honor him, I really want to share some parts of it here, because for me, they reflect so truly how deep their relationship was:
"(....)Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies.  He leaves when we die. 
(...)his love and his story, the story that he gave me, that he whispered in my ear, that he allowed me to tell… and that he gave to you… is gonna carry on. 
(...) Big Man, thank you for your kindness, your strength, your dedication, your work, your story.  Thanks for the miracle… and for letting a little white boy slip through the side door of the Temple of Soul. (...) "
And the way he honored his band with is induction speech as they FINALLY joined "The Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame" this year.
(Here's the link to that:
But the thing which shows me the most this strong bond between the E Street Band and Bruce Springsteen is the song "If I should fall behind"
So, you see, Bruce Springsteen is not just a legendary musician but also a legendary friend. That's what makes him one of my biggest idols. I know, I wasn't there from the very beginning but that doesn't matter when you're a part of this huge family...
I will definitely post a list of my current favorite songs very soon (there are a loooot!) but for now:
Happy Birthday, Bruce! And thank you for everything! I couldn't ask for a better "Boss"!

Montag, 22. September 2014

The fault in our stars - A reflection !!!SPOILER!!!

As you can read in my blog introduction, I love to read.

And of course, if you love reading, you have to read "The fault in our stars"
First, I didnt really want to read it... I have a little problem with hyped books.
(Here's a secret. Im currently reading the Harry Potter series. For the first time. Didnt read it before. Because it was hyped.)
But then, the movie trailer came out. I saw it... And I had to read it. I had to.

The fault in our stars is the story of Hazel Grace. Hazel suffers from thyroid cancer. One day at Cancer Kid Support Group she meets Augustus Waters. And he changes her life forever...

It was my first book I read in English. Well, besides the books I've read in school...I still read in german a lot, but I do read in English more often now...
I start reading it and as soon as I finished the first sentence I knew why everyone loves this book.
It's a book about cancer, yes it is. But it's way more, believe me.
But before I continue, everyone who has not read the book yet, should leave now. I really dont want to spoil anyone.
It is sad, it really is, it breaks your heart. But at the same time, you laugh. And your heart is warmed, because Hazel is going through everything so gracefully (well, good choice John Green to call her, Hazel GRACE)
It was so wonderful to see how Hazel turned from a sad, sick girl to a blooming flower by the time she met Gus.
When I read the first few pages, I was so sure Hazel will die... I already start feeling disappointed, because everything was so predictable.Of course I would be totally sad, that's me... But I mean, it wouldnt be the same, because I "knew" it already
But then... there was one point, I start realising that it isn't Hazel who is going to die. It's Gus. Then, my heart was broken.. I wanted to jump in this book and save Gus life. But I couldn't. You cannot believe how sad I was.... But, when I finished the book, I knew, it had to be like that. That's what makes "The fault in our stars" this book everyone loves.
And to say it in John Greens words, it was a privilege to have my heart broken by this book.
Because it showed me how a single person can change you and your attitude towards life, it showed me how pure a realtionship can be, how simple and wonderful, how two young people are living their lifes like everyone should live it, it showed me, even if you know your life is terminal, you should enjoy every second of your life on this beautiful planet and make other people happy.

And to end this little reflection, here's a link to the Goodreads page with all the great quotes from The fault in our stars:

Thanks for reading!

Freitag, 19. September 2014

A simple 'hello' could lead to a million things.


Here I am. A lot to say. No idea how to start.

The idea of creating this blog came up when I had to search for something I could do during a writing course offered by my school.  But to be honest, I carried this idea a long time with me.

Well, I would like to start this blog by introducing myself and my blog a little.

My name is Miriam. Im Swiss.
You may wonder now, why I write this blog in English. Well, that's quite simple. I write this blog for everyone out there. So, everyone should be able to understand me. And as we all know, English is the universal language. And Im really happy that it's English. But my English is not perfect, neither I am, but I think, it's good enough to understand me....
There's something going around the internet which is called the "50 random facts about me"-tag. I took this as an inspiration to write down some facts about me, that could be interesting for you out there.
Im a passionate reader. I think, reading is one of my biggest hobbies. When I read I can escape from all of my worries and fears. I can live a thousand different lifes. My imagination grows with reading. But... So many books, so little time....
My taste of music is a little bit different, of course I listen to the current charts. But my heart belongs to rock music. Well you know, it's only rock'n'roll but I like it....
Bruce Springsteen is my favorite musician.  One lucky day my mother introduced me to his music and went with me to one of his concerts. Well.. It changed my life, it really did. Since then my heart belongs to his music.
My strongest desire is to search for uniqueness.
As you may know by reading the title of my blog, Im a dreamer. I still dream of a brighter future, of a world full of love and I will only stop dreaming, when this dream comes true.
I want to travel the world. Because, you know, I think you can only be truly fulfilled when you have seen more than just your own garden.
I'm a lover of quotes. I have a journal full with quotes from books. I think from time to time I will introduce you to some of my favorites.
I love history. Im not living in the past, no not really. But I love to know what happend in the past. And always remember, the past can teach us something. When we want.
I love hockey. I don't play, oh gosh, that would be a disaster.... But I really love to watch hockey. And yes, Im a girl, yes I understand hockey. My favorite teams are HC Ambri-Piotta (Swiss Hockey League) and the Boston Bruins (NHL).
Despite the fact Im Swiss, I adore Boston. For me, Boston and the people of Boston are perfect. That isn't really surprising, because Im in love with the people of America. But I think, more of that later...
Im scared of heights, being lonely and sometimes even humans....
I don't hate a lot... But what I hate is intolerance, racism and homophobia.
I fight for equality.
Im a little Twitter addicted.
I saw the Rolling Stones twice already. I saw KISS, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top and Bon Jovi too, and of course Bruce Springsteen.
Some of my favorite actors are Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Robin Williams (R.I.P Oh Captain, my Captain!)
My all time favorite film is probably Alice in Wonderland.
I used to dance ballet. I dont dance anymore.
My favorite animals are owls and flamingos, my spirit animal is a unicorn.
Once a wise man (aka John Green)  wrote in one of his books: "The marks humans leave are too often scars" I dont want to leave scars. I want to leave a real mark. And that's the point of this blog. I want to leave something, written by myself. This is my mark.