Freitag, 19. September 2014

A simple 'hello' could lead to a million things.


Here I am. A lot to say. No idea how to start.

The idea of creating this blog came up when I had to search for something I could do during a writing course offered by my school.  But to be honest, I carried this idea a long time with me.

Well, I would like to start this blog by introducing myself and my blog a little.

My name is Miriam. Im Swiss.
You may wonder now, why I write this blog in English. Well, that's quite simple. I write this blog for everyone out there. So, everyone should be able to understand me. And as we all know, English is the universal language. And Im really happy that it's English. But my English is not perfect, neither I am, but I think, it's good enough to understand me....
There's something going around the internet which is called the "50 random facts about me"-tag. I took this as an inspiration to write down some facts about me, that could be interesting for you out there.
Im a passionate reader. I think, reading is one of my biggest hobbies. When I read I can escape from all of my worries and fears. I can live a thousand different lifes. My imagination grows with reading. But... So many books, so little time....
My taste of music is a little bit different, of course I listen to the current charts. But my heart belongs to rock music. Well you know, it's only rock'n'roll but I like it....
Bruce Springsteen is my favorite musician.  One lucky day my mother introduced me to his music and went with me to one of his concerts. Well.. It changed my life, it really did. Since then my heart belongs to his music.
My strongest desire is to search for uniqueness.
As you may know by reading the title of my blog, Im a dreamer. I still dream of a brighter future, of a world full of love and I will only stop dreaming, when this dream comes true.
I want to travel the world. Because, you know, I think you can only be truly fulfilled when you have seen more than just your own garden.
I'm a lover of quotes. I have a journal full with quotes from books. I think from time to time I will introduce you to some of my favorites.
I love history. Im not living in the past, no not really. But I love to know what happend in the past. And always remember, the past can teach us something. When we want.
I love hockey. I don't play, oh gosh, that would be a disaster.... But I really love to watch hockey. And yes, Im a girl, yes I understand hockey. My favorite teams are HC Ambri-Piotta (Swiss Hockey League) and the Boston Bruins (NHL).
Despite the fact Im Swiss, I adore Boston. For me, Boston and the people of Boston are perfect. That isn't really surprising, because Im in love with the people of America. But I think, more of that later...
Im scared of heights, being lonely and sometimes even humans....
I don't hate a lot... But what I hate is intolerance, racism and homophobia.
I fight for equality.
Im a little Twitter addicted.
I saw the Rolling Stones twice already. I saw KISS, Joe Cocker, ZZ Top and Bon Jovi too, and of course Bruce Springsteen.
Some of my favorite actors are Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Robin Williams (R.I.P Oh Captain, my Captain!)
My all time favorite film is probably Alice in Wonderland.
I used to dance ballet. I dont dance anymore.
My favorite animals are owls and flamingos, my spirit animal is a unicorn.
Once a wise man (aka John Green)  wrote in one of his books: "The marks humans leave are too often scars" I dont want to leave scars. I want to leave a real mark. And that's the point of this blog. I want to leave something, written by myself. This is my mark.

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