Montag, 22. September 2014

The fault in our stars - A reflection !!!SPOILER!!!

As you can read in my blog introduction, I love to read.

And of course, if you love reading, you have to read "The fault in our stars"
First, I didnt really want to read it... I have a little problem with hyped books.
(Here's a secret. Im currently reading the Harry Potter series. For the first time. Didnt read it before. Because it was hyped.)
But then, the movie trailer came out. I saw it... And I had to read it. I had to.

The fault in our stars is the story of Hazel Grace. Hazel suffers from thyroid cancer. One day at Cancer Kid Support Group she meets Augustus Waters. And he changes her life forever...

It was my first book I read in English. Well, besides the books I've read in school...I still read in german a lot, but I do read in English more often now...
I start reading it and as soon as I finished the first sentence I knew why everyone loves this book.
It's a book about cancer, yes it is. But it's way more, believe me.
But before I continue, everyone who has not read the book yet, should leave now. I really dont want to spoil anyone.
It is sad, it really is, it breaks your heart. But at the same time, you laugh. And your heart is warmed, because Hazel is going through everything so gracefully (well, good choice John Green to call her, Hazel GRACE)
It was so wonderful to see how Hazel turned from a sad, sick girl to a blooming flower by the time she met Gus.
When I read the first few pages, I was so sure Hazel will die... I already start feeling disappointed, because everything was so predictable.Of course I would be totally sad, that's me... But I mean, it wouldnt be the same, because I "knew" it already
But then... there was one point, I start realising that it isn't Hazel who is going to die. It's Gus. Then, my heart was broken.. I wanted to jump in this book and save Gus life. But I couldn't. You cannot believe how sad I was.... But, when I finished the book, I knew, it had to be like that. That's what makes "The fault in our stars" this book everyone loves.
And to say it in John Greens words, it was a privilege to have my heart broken by this book.
Because it showed me how a single person can change you and your attitude towards life, it showed me how pure a realtionship can be, how simple and wonderful, how two young people are living their lifes like everyone should live it, it showed me, even if you know your life is terminal, you should enjoy every second of your life on this beautiful planet and make other people happy.

And to end this little reflection, here's a link to the Goodreads page with all the great quotes from The fault in our stars:

Thanks for reading!

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