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Review and Discussion Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling ! Spoiler !

Wow ... I can not believe that this adventure should be over now ...
I'm happy, sad, lucky, depressed, but especially grateful and fulfilled.
But, how it should be in a professional review ;-) , I want to go through all the points about which I want to talk in chronological order with you before I let my overwhelming feelings and thoughts run free.
I would like to talk about the following points in more detail
The search for the Horcruxes
The Tale of the Three Brothers and the Deathly Hallows
The Battle of Hogwarts
Snape and his story
All those who had to die in this book
And of course the end
The common theme that somehow pervades this book is Harry's search for the Horcruxes. I found it incredibly interesting how J.K. Rowling built up this search slowly, from the beginning, through the argument between Ron and Harry, to the destruction of the last Horcrux. How she  did it, the atmosphere so catching that it drew the reader directly into the story, is truly unique.
First I did not really know where the story line about the Deathly Hallows should lead us ... I was uncertain about what it meant for the Story. I suspected it belonged to the grand plan to destroy Voldemort.
But even without the knowledge of the real meaning the tale of the three brothers fascinated me.  It worked incredibly well.
At the end, the mystery of the Deathly Hallows was solved., it was found that it was more about knowing than actually have them, and especially the existence of the Elder Wand.
I start to connect The Deathly Hallows  with Dumbledore. I found it incredibly beautiful that he was still omnipresent, despite his death, in the world of Harry. The idea that such a large and important person is always part of Harry was beautiful. What I also insanely well-liked, that Dumbledore was able to admit his weaknesses, he admitted that the search with Grindelwald for the Deathly Hallows was built because he has been seduced by the potential power, that he has made ​​mistakes, that he also is not perfect. This gesture, this idea was amazing and made ​​Dumbledore an even bigger and better personality for me.
The Battle of Hogwarts was Kind of the beginning of the last great fight of good versus evil. It
as wonderful to see how Hogwarts was getting ready for the fight, wanted to fight against their enemies and everyone has gathered to fight for and with Harry and against evil, darkness, against Voldemort. This epic battle was an incredibly well-chosen element for the ringing in of the end of such a great story. And although the battle claimed many victims, it is an important, large part of this book.
Before I want to pay one last respect, which also book characters deserves especially these,  I want to pay tribute to one special man . A man of whom I was never quite sure which side he is now, but knew he was not a bad person. And knew by the end of this book, as Harry said with his own words, "he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."
Snape. Severus Snape. Yes, he was brave and strong. And above all, he acts out of love.
When I could see through Harry's memories and found out how much he loved Lily, Harry's mother, and what he did for her, after all this time ...,  when I found out what a great, strong man he was, I knew I had always seen him basically as a man with a moving story that had a purpose, which he carried in his heart. And ... he was probably one of the greatest heroes of this story, probably one of my biggest heroes.
But now to all the others who lost their lives in this story ... And my goodness, in this book there were many ... Almost too many ...
 Charity Burbage, Bathilda Bagshot, Gregorowitsch, Ted Tonks, Dirk Cresswell, Gornuk, the goblin, Rufus Scrimgeour, Grindelwald and Colin Creevey.
Bur above all them, this are the losses which hurt me the most
Hedwig ,the owl who took care of Harry from the very beginning  and what a faithful companion she was. And in the same moment Harry became an adult, Hedwig died,  well chosen, Ms Rowling ... But no less painful ...
Alastor Moody, my dear Mad-Eye! This is a death, with which I never expected, he seemed so untouchable, so indestructible, just Moody... I could not understand, that Moody had to die ...
Dobby, probably the best house elf the magie world ever what , he protected Harry always against evil, he left this world as the free elf and with  his last words "Harry...Potter..." , his death was probably one of the saddest in this book.
Lupin and Tonks, who had only just had a baby, little Teddy, the two who had to fight so much for their loveThe only consolation is that they could go together.
 Fred Weasley, mainly known just in company with George, and now he just had to go alone, without his brother ...
 And of course Snape, the great Snape, who had to die only because Voldemort wanted greater power and victory over death
All these great character who died, paved the way for the big end.
Basically there were two ends ...
 But when Harry turned up without a fight against Voldemort and supposedly also died, I was suddenly very unsure ... I was sure Harry would survive and Voldemort die ... Suddenly everything seemed to be different.
 But when Harry arrived with Dumbledore in a kind of world between death and life , Dumbledore solved the mystery of why Harry is still alive and Harry decided to return to life and to finally destroy Voldemort , it already felt better. It would be all right.
 And so it happened, Harry finally defeat Voldemort after all these years, the good has triumphed.
 But I was also very happy about the additional "Nineteen Years Later" chapter in which some questions about the future of Harry and his friends were released, but some were also still open ...
  But the main thing: "All was well."

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