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Review and Discussion on "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" by J.K.Rowling !!Attention Spoilers!

Hey everyone!
Today I would like to share my thoughts on "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" with you!
Im still a little shocked about what happend in the book.
Well a little... A LOT actually...
Of course Im going to tell you, why I am so shocked, although I think everyone who has read the book, knows what Im talking about. But I want to talk about other things in the book too.
First of all, the different lovestorys, Ron and Lavender, Hermione, who's in love with Ron, Fleur and Bill, and of course Harry and Ginny!
I really liked who J.K.Rowling managed this part of the Story. The lovestorys are always in the back, it's not annoying or too much. It's a really good addition to the mainstory.
Also, I liked how the book started. It was great to see everything from the perspective of Prime Minister. That's a good way to show us how Voldemort and his Death Eaters have already influenced the Muggle-World
But now, let's take a look at the main themes of the book.
For me, this book is a huge turning point for the overall story. A lot of things clear up here. And that mainly through the memories from the Pensieve. I really, really liked that.
To discover Voldemorts past seems to be very important for the continuation of the story. And Dumbledore often points out that it's really important for Harry to know Voldemorts past.
And, as we know, it was important to solve the secret of the Horcrux, which we will meet again in the last book, when Harry tries to find them.
I really liked the idea that the past forms the person and their actions in the present.
And now, the big mystery: Snape.
At the beginning of the book, Bellatrix and Narcissa (Dracos mother) visit Snape. I already thought then, something strange is going on.
Everyone was talking about Dracos mission, I thought that was very suspicious.
I always thought, Draco has to kill Harry.
Well.. I thought wrong..
He should kill Dumbledore. Dumbledore! He tried to do that in this tower. But I knew, he wasn't able to really do it.
I was happy already, thought Dumbledore is save.
And then, Snape appears. And he kills Dumbledore with a "simple" "Avada Kedavra"...
Then I really thought: Dear J.K.Rowling, what the heck do you plan?
I didnt want to understand that Snape is an evil person, that he's on the evil side now. that Dumbledore, wise Dumbledore, made a mistake with trusting him.
But the way he stood in front of Harry, confess he's the Half-Blood Prince, so cold and deadhearted, I was deeply shocked.
I ask myself, if there's anything more worse which could happen...
And then I look at the last book..And I see... Yes... It could...Im sure..

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