Donnerstag, 25. Dezember 2014

My Christmas Presents to BookTube (YouTube)!

Today is the 25th of December,Christmas!
So I want to give something back!
YouTube, but especially BookTube has become a big part of my life, even though I dont have a

So with this blogpost I want to say thang you for enriching my life!

1book1review is Wiebkes channel. Originally Wiebke made videos in German, but now she became part of the English speaking BookTube! Her videos are incredibly diverse, I think on her channel everyone can find something! I really  like her discussion videos

I have subscribed to abookutopia mainly because of her incredible pleasant nature, I could really spend hours listening to her! She really has a very unique personality with a great book taste!

Alita Joy also known as abookaffair is an incredibly heartwarming person! I like her hauls the most,because there she introduces me always to incredibly exciting books! Recently she has also organized a readingalong

April Books brings a wonderful pleasant atmosphere with her fresh and cheerful nature into her videos! Especially I like here hauls and monthly wrap-ups

Ariel is one of rhe biggest BookTuber. Nevertheless, she is always down to earth and her videos have this very special, Ariel-own-style

Estelle from the channel Audham EnTha is in my opinion a wonderful addition to BookTube, she brings a lot of variety, especially through her reading tastes!

The videos from the channel bethjune327 give me always so much pleasure, she has an incredibly refreshing way and especially I liked her Vlogmas videos lately!

The channel bookables provides us with an enormous range of different videos and her channel is definitely worth a visit!

The channel bookishandnerdy is another channel that I have subscribed mainly because of her attitude! I really enjoy her Mini-Reviews!

Franzi is also a BookTuber from Germany, who films her videos in Englisch ! I especially appreciate her reviews but also her tags are always refreshing!

booksandquills is definitely one of my absolute favorite BookTuberHer videos always offer something new and are never boring to watch!

The lovely Beatrice from the channel booksoverlooks has also caught my attention with her attitude in her videos! She makes a lot of great reading month!

Lovely Bunny not only makes videos about books, but about all sorts of other things, and, especially on very important issues in the society! Moreover, she is a very wonderful and unique person!

Aaron from the channel Cedar Sun reinforces the Men's Group on BookTube! His reading taste is very special and once not only mainstreamHe also makes insanely interesting discussion videos! Definitely one of my favorite BookTuber!

On the channel of lovely Tam it's all about the food! She makes really great food tests and is incredibly funny!

The channel Crumpets and Marmalade stands out above all by the reviews insanely well-made, which are very, very worth seeing!

Like the channel of lovely Tam, also on emmymadeinjapans channel it's all about Food! And packaged in a totally charming style!

The channel from the love Emily, I just recently discovered but I already appreciate it a lot! Her tags are always incredibly funny and her videos have a charm of its own!

When it comes to lovely Page I have to be honest ... I mainly clicked subscribe because she somehow reminds me of Wednesday Addams! Please take it as a compliment, dear Page! Your videos have prompted me to stay and I do not regret a second I spent on your channel!

Dear Joe has brought me closer to the genre of science fiction and therefore I may owe him the desire that I increasingly want to read sci-fi in the future! Thank you Joe!

From the lovely Lainey comes the idea of the "Top Five Wednesdays" and these videos I like the most!

The channel of lovely Helene is definitely also one of my favorites! Her attitude is so unique and fascinates me over and over again!

The channel Jean Bookishthoughts I have only recently discovered, but she already has a place in my heart! It is definitely worth a visit!

The channel Jellafy is bursting with creativity and really enriches BookTube

Jesse is also one of the bigger BookTuber and has become with his craziness a part of my BookTube-routine

And again a BookTuber from Germany, who makes videos in English! Karina has also her individual style in videos, which I enjoy very much! Especially her hauls and tags!

Kylie has a very special way! Each of her videos inspire me and for that I am very grateful!

Brock from the channel Let's Read is a huge addtion for BookTube. His videos are never boring and every time something special!

Holly's channel I have also recently discovered but I know now, her discussions and tags are pure awesomeness!

The lovely Lindsey is also one of my favorite BookTuber. To her I owe it that I want to read more


Her hauls are always great to look at and she always brings a lot of variety into the BookTube scene!

The lovely Liz has made me read more graphic novels and her style is just adorable!

Also one of my favorite channels, very, very worth seeing!

Megans channel is for me a pure place  to relax that you all have to visit  too!

This channel is soooo worth seeing! One of my favorite channels, with a very wonderful person in front of the camera!

The lovely Regan can cheer me up with her great videos and super kind attitude is perfect and so enjoyable!

Susie's videos have everything I want from a BookTube video! Her discussions are unique and worth seeing! Moreover, Susie is one of the people on BookTube who have enriched my life incredibly! Thank you Susie!

And the lovely Claire is such an incredible person! I could not imagine BookTube without her. Her videos are just insanely great and enriching and she is such a unique person!

The channel of Sarah I have only recently discovered, but I know already that she is something special and worth seeing!

Sarah is definitely in the circle of my favorite BookTuberHer videos are always something special and the way their made is incredible! An incredibly enriching personality!

Erika has a wonderful channel and her videos are always so varied and creative! I could not think of BookTube without her!

These two are part of BookTube for me like pages are parts of books! Especially their hauls and reading months are always great fun!

Steve's lovely nature make his videos into something special and his reading tastes I admire over and over!

Tessa's videos are so, so, so funny! And especially her Harry Potter videos I really love!

Priscilla was, I believe, the first English BookTuber I have subscribed and I'm still very excited about her channel!

I discoverd Sophia through her discussion on We were liars and since then I totally love her!

Chris is a huge addition to BookTube and become a huge part of my own BookTube! I think I know every single one of his videos and he was the one who infected me with Stephen King! He not only reads Stephen King, but a lot more, so his videos are very diverse!

Jens videos are wonderful and her attitude fits perfectly into the world  of BookTube

These two I have recently discovered, but I already cant imagine BookTube without them! A very great channel!

Everyone needs to know Whitney. Everyone. If you don't know Whitney, you totally miss out something

Lesley is also one of my favorite BookTuber! Her videos are so beautiful and unique! And I really appreciate Lesley as a person!

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