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Your brainless violence sucks! How violence destroys true activism

When I opened my news feeds this morning, there were some incredible images and headlines. Images and headlines of "The Riot Night of Zurich". It looked like there was war. No. I'm not overreacting . I would like to refer you to the articles I link at the end of this post. They are in German but please take a look at the pictures!

But let me start from the beginning.

I stand up for my rights and the rights of others. To me it is important to create equality in all areas. We have to stick together as human beings and not fight against each other. Commercialism and greed are my enemies. Societal pressure is the biggest poison of mankind. Ignorance, homophobia and racism are the worst things that a person can carry with them.
Everyone who stands up for things is my friend

But not like that!

On 12.12.2014 there was a "demonstration" carried with the slogan "Reclaim the streets" . But what was going on there was no longer a demonstration.

"Reclaim the streets" is a form of activism which deals with the community appropriation of public space. It is against globalization and is committed to sensible urban planning and the use of public space. The Wikipedia article I link also at the end of the post.

What was going on in Zurich yesterday, not even close earned the name "Reclaim the streets". "Reclaim the streets" is generally regarded as a peaceful form of activism and not as a platform for brainless idiots who want pointless let out their frustrations.

Violence and vandalism have no place in demonstrations. A demonstration is a PEACEFUL rally!

Wasn't it Gandhi who had spoken of nonviolent protest, wasn't it Mandela who was for over 27 years political prisoner because he use his influence for his rights and those of his fellow men, did Rosa Parks beat wildly? No, she was simply sitting, causing a wave of solidarity!
These are the real activists! Not these idiots, which have nothing better come to  their minds, as destroy the personal belongings of other people and take away their safety!

Why do you disguise yourself? Do not you have enough courage to present you, to show your face and to be there for your actions! What a heroic deeds, to hide from the things you want to achieve and the only way you can get it is with violence!

You want freedom and lose your city because of money? Do you really feel with violence, you will do it?

Let words be your weapon, and not your fists, then you are allowed to call yourself Activists!

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