Samstag, 31. Januar 2015

Wrap-up January 2015

Today I would like to tell you what I've read in January!
Unfortunately, I was sick at the end of the month and I couldn't read anything then.
But! I did read some books this month and here they are:

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro
4.5/5 Stars

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
5/5 Stars

I heart you, you haunt me by Lisa Schroeder
5/5 Stars

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
5/5 Stars

So, I read 1 book by a female author and 3 books by male authors
It's been a month full of classics (The Remains of the Day, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Great Gatsby)
Also, I've read one YA book(I heart you, you haunt me)

Add to my favorites shelf: I heart you, you haunt me and The Great Gatsby

Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

#BellLetsTalk - Mental Illness/Disorder - My own experiences

Today the organisation "Bell Let's Talk" donates 5¢ for every Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
The organisation will invest the money in more mental health intiatives.
Mental Disorder was, is and will always be a part of our society.
I ,and hopefully many others, don't want it to be a taboo anymore.
Don't be ashamed to search for help if you suffer a mental disorder. There is nothing wrong with it.
I want mental illness to be treatend like any other illness is.
No one is ashamed going to the doctor because of a physical illness! How fucked up our society has to be if someone needs to be ashamed to search help!?
Don't tell me mental disorder isn't a problem!
Open the newspaper, watch TV, go on Social Media. Each day you hear another message of some commiting suicide.
Kurt Cobain.
Robin Williams.
Cory Monteith.
Rick Rypien.
And so many others we don't know their names because they weren't famous.
And think of all those who still suffer in silence...
Mental disorder is a part of us. Mental disorder has not simply one face but many. Mental disorder could catch every single one of us.

Mental disorder catched me.
This is my own story of dealing with major depressive disorder.
I was bullied in school. They called me worthless, they told me the world would be a better place without me.
One day, I started to believe them...
It caused a Burnout when I was 14 which led to the depression.
I didn't leave the house for over a half year, I suffered anxiety and yes, I didn't think my life was worth living anymore.
Fortunately, I had my Mom. She didn't closed her eyes. She saw I had a huge, huge problem.
Thanks to her Im still here.
Thanks to her I was able to accepted that I have problem and that it is okay to ask for help.
And one sweet day, 9th of July 2012, I visited the Bruce Springsteen concert with my Mom. It was the first time I left the house again without breaking down.
Yes, in the beginning it was very, very difficult. But then the music started to play and it was that moment which changed my life again.
It was the beginning of a long recovery, a long journey of loving myself again.
And now, here I am.
Nearly 19 years old, and yes I love life, I never loved it more. And I love myself. Yes, I do still have days who aren't easy. I will recover during my whole live.
But I know now, my life is soo much worth living. I love every single bit of my life.
My mental disorder will always be a part of me. And I accepted that. And I searched for help and started to build a normal life again.

So, never let anyone tell you you're not worth loving. You are. And let me tell you what, I do love you. Because you're beautiful, you're unique and so loveable!

And now. It's up to you out there. Don't look away. Talk.

Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015

Character Diversity Tag

I was tagged by my lovely friend Erika over Snogging on Sunday Books ( to do the Character Diversity Tag.
I mentioned in my Reading Goals for 2015 I definitely want to read more diversely. But, to be honest, it's hard to define what that really means.
So let's take a look at this Tag and see if we can find out together :D!

1. What does character diversity mean to you? How important is it?
Actually, character diversity is everything which isn't about the same lifestyle I have..
Reading about women who are older than me, reading about a boy or a man, reading about a person who isn't that privileged as I am, reading about a person who loves another gender than I do, reading about other religions, all these things are diversity. And of course, reading about a person from another culture or even another time period.
Reading diversity is very important to me. You don't have to do it in a planned way or really choose your books because of that. For me it's more important that you realize when you read diversely, because at the end, reading diversely should open our hearts and minds for others, because we are ALL humans and we are all equally beautiful and important.

2. Do you have a favorite diversity/culture/ethnicity to read about?
Hmm.. No.. Not really... Im interested in nearly every culture or ethnicity... But if I have to pick one, I would probably pick Indian culture

3. Has there been a character that you were surprised at their ethnicity?
For me, that means a certain ethnicity goes along with certain stereotypes. And I don't like stereotypes. So, no, I haven't.

4. Which book do you think did character diversity well?
Ehm... I don't really understand that..If you choose to write to write about diversity than you should better do it right...Otherwise you just totally missed the point..

5. Has there been a time where you thought they just didn’t pull it off?
Not really, I think... I mean, what should that mean... Being racist, homophobe or misogynous in the book? I would stop read such a book or I wouldn't like it at all.. But fortunately I never experienced that.

6. What’s your favorite ethnically diverse coupling?
I can't think of any at the moment.

7. What type of character diversity would you like to see more of?
What came to my mind first when I read this question is the Asian culture

8. Do you have any culturally diverse book recommendations to share?
To be honest, not yet, I will do a post about reading diversely at the end of this year, so maybe there will be some recommendations. Or when I make a Wrap-up or a Review I will mention that this book is a recommendation for reading diversely.

9. For fun, what’s your favorite type of ethnic cuisine?
Hmm.. A hard one... I try to enjoy as many different things from as many different cultures.. I really like the North African cuisine. Also the Turkish cuisine has a lot of amaaaazing things to try!

I want to add something to this Tag.
Reading diversely and character diversity is a very personal thing. For another person diversity means something totally different than for me.
But as I said, just remember, we are all wonderful human beings!

Sonntag, 25. Januar 2015

My thoughts on: I heart you, you haunt me

I Heart You, You Haunt Me
I chased after this book for such a long time...
And I was so happy when I finally held it in my hands..
I was almost afraid to read it ...
It could be bad ...
But ....
It beat my expectations ...

It's about Ava.
It's about loss.
It's about love.
It's about guilt.
It's about grief.
It's about ghosts.
It's about the death.
It's about life.
It's about standing still.
It's about moving on.

The language
enchanted me
terrified me 
calmed me down
upset me 
churned me
eased me
shocked me
made me alive
made me quiet
made me living.

5/5 Stars

Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

Little Announcement

Im very happy to announce that this year I will be hosting 2 #TopicAThon !

There will be on the 27th until the 30th of September
and on the 27th until the 30th of December!

Here's the Goodreads Group for the TopicAThon!