Dienstag, 17. Februar 2015

50 facts about me

Well.. I never thought I would do that tag.. But because I figured out that would be the best way to introduce myself a little bit better, I am doing it now..

So, let's start.

1. I adore books. And if you follow this blog for a while now, that's not a surprise for you!
2. I am a little bit obsessed with owls, unicorn and flamingos...
3. The moon is my best friend.
4. I love Rock music and Country music.
5. My favorite musician is Bruce Springsteen.
6. I really love history!
7. I write. Because it makes me feel free.
8. I'm Christian. And I'm currently one a fantastic journey finding my place and finding my way of truly believing. It's a blessing! And I'm excited for whatever I will experience during my journey with God!
9. Yes, I am Christian, BUT I don't see any reason why I should talk bad about any other religion! I respect every religion and I find it horrible if you take your religion as an excuse for your terrible behaving! I love God and He taught me I should love everyone equally and I really hope you do that too!
10. I love quotes!
11. I'm a huuugeee dreamer. I have so many dreams.. And the hope to fulfill them
12. I'm really interested in culture from other countries or in culture in general!
13. I would love to write my own play or maybeeeee even my own film once!
14. I had two nightmares during my childhood, only these two. The first was that I was chased under a table by a witch and the second one was that I was imprisoned by a vampire.
15. I want to travel the world.
16. Sometimes I have a weird way to eat...
17. I'm and will always be searching for uniqueness.
18. I want to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues.
19. I'm a feminist and a fighter for equality in general.
20. I still believe in the beauty of everyday life and I hope this will last a long time!
21. I'm currently writing a book..
22. I danced ballet for 11 years.
23. I do still believe in a brighter future, of a world full of love. For everyone.
24. I'm a huge hockey fan, I grew up watching hockey and I still love it.
25. I could watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland over and over again. It's probably my favorite film.
26. I suffer from migraine. It was a lot worse and it's much better now. But I still have these terrible, terrible attacks.
27. I used to have the worst self-confidence. It much, much better now, but I still work on it!
28. I'm a philanthropist.
29. I'm scared of the changing of our society, this huge wave of hate and selfishness...
30. I'm also scared of heights, darkness, and I mean darkness outside and inside of me or anyone around me.., and Im scared that I will fail.
31. Twitter is my favorite social media side.
32. I'm glad I have a voice to speak up for myself and others, and I hope I use it right and wisely and that other do that too.
33. We can change the world. That's why we are here. We just need to do something.
34. The YouTube, especially BookTube, community has become a huge part of my life and I met some awesome friends on there, even though I don't have my own channel.
35. I want to work in a job where I help people with their problems and in general their everyday life.
36. I want to have my own bookshop once.
37. Nature is beautiful and I always find peace outside.
38. I'm fascinated with ravens..
39. I once was reeeeeaally obsessed with nail-polish and all that stuff.. Well..Not anymore... I mean I still do it sometimes but...nah...
40. I have the best friends in the entire universe.
41. Sometimes I'm a little bit crazy.. a little bit...
42. Others may buy a lot of shoes, I buy a lot of bags....
43. I'm also interested in the environment.
44. And, we only have one world, so, I want to be good to nature and pay attention to it!
45. I would love to write a childrens book.
46. I can't sing at all, but sometimes I still do it, when no one is listening.
47. I think inner beauty makes you even more beautiful. A bad character can ruin the most beautiful face entirely.
48. I don't drink alcohol, I don't smoke.
49. I couldn't name you just one single favorite book. I have way too much.
50. I'm really glad I found 50 Facts.

Tell me, if we have something in common and let's have chat about it!

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