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Gone Girl !Spoiler! Discussion

Wooooooaaa, this book is one crazy messed up story..

It did entertain me.. A lot.

This review is going to be full of spoilers, so if you haven't read the book or at least watched the movie, don't read the rest. You don't want to be spoiled about this book believe me.

First I want to say, that I really, really loved this book a lot, it's definitely a new favorite of mine. But, I can also see why people couldn't like it.

At the beginning I was a little bit irritated because I had this instant feeling that the book pushed me in the direction of not liking Nick, our male main protagonist. And I mean, I still dislike Nick a lot at the end of this book. But my view on him definitely changed throughout the story.

Even if it was way too obvious for a book, which was praised for the huge plot twists, I was pretty sure Nick had to do something with Amys disappearance.
So, Amy did manipulate me pretty well.
I liked her. Well, at least I felt some sympathy for her. There was one point in the book where I indeed start thinking that something wasn't right with Amy. But I really thought that just had to do with something Nick did.
And when I found out that Nick had an affair and he treated Amy badly, I was really angry and I thought I found the point why I felt this way about Amy.

Well, I thought wrong. Completely.
I mean, I already guessed that Amy knew about the affair. But I didn't guessed her reaction. Well, and her general actions. I mean, throughout the whole first part of the book, she manipulated me. Her whole diaries were just fake. Made that we would like her and feel sorry for her about what Nick did to her. Made to overlock that she's a complete psychopath. A genius psychopath, but a psychopath.

But let's be honest. That's exactly what fascinates us as a reader. This, at least for me, unexpected twist. The perception that we just were perfectly manipulated by a book.

I can see that the end could be a little disappointing. Amy is still crazy as hell. Nick starts to freak out too. And then, all of the sudden, they live together, with a baby, happily ever after...
But, let's be honest again... That was the perfect ending for this book. Two psychopaths living their "happy" psycho life together. A crazy ending for a crazy book

5/5 Stars

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