Montag, 16. März 2015

25 Bookish Facts about me

Back in February I did the "50 Random Facts about me" Tag, so I decided that it would be fun to tell you 25 Bookish Facts about me.

So, let's go.

1. I haven't read Harry Potter until August 2014...
2. "The Winterpalace" by Eva Stachniak introduced me to the genre of Historical Fiction.
3. I wasn't really into Classics until I discovered BookTube.
4. BookTube changed my reading habits.
5. I have a problem with hyped books.
6. I cry at the end of a book.
7. I'm not into dystopian books at all.
8. Two of my favorite authors are Neil Gaiman and David Levithan.
9. An author I buy every book he writes without knowing the synopsis or what the book is about is Paulo Coelho.
10. I started being very interested in poetry.
11. My favorite genres are probably YA Contemporary and Non-Fiction.
12. Pictures at an Exhibition by Camilla Macpherson brought me back to reading.
13. The book which probably means the most to me is: "The Perks of being a Wallflower."
14. Every time I read The Great Gatsby now or any quote out of it, I hear Tobey Maguire telling me the story.
15. I hardly start reading a series when I don't have all the books in it.
16. I haven't read Twilight yet.
17. I mark my favorite quotes in a book with sticky notes.
18. I like when a book look used.
19. I prefer little bookshops over the big ones.
20. I don't go to the library.
21. I have my own library.
22. I wanted to read the phone book when I was little.
23. When I was little my favorite thing to read about were fairies and angels.
24. I'm afraid of horror-books.
25. I would love to read a book from the perspective of a bird.

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