Samstag, 21. März 2015

Dear Bunny... #ListographyOfFriends

Dear Bunny,
this little post is my way to thank you.
You have taught me so much and you formed me more than you could imagine!
This list contains all the things I love about you, all the amazing thing you taught me and all the inspiration you gave to me.
I love you.

You are beautiful and I already told you that! You're so pure and beautiful, this makes you so special and unique.
You're such a strong woman, you've been through so much and you're still going through all this.
Your will to fight made me stronger and made me a better person.
You made me rethink my values and made me realize I am able to be a strong woman, just like you are.
Also, you gave me strength in my own fight against my darkness and my angst.
And most important, you were the inspiration for one of my characters in a play.

Thank you for that.
This is the video which introduced me to Bunny!

Because it made me laugh and it's soooo true!

This is Bunny.

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