Sonntag, 19. April 2015

I am words.

I am
a jumping-into-new-worlds-escaping-the-reality-learning-new-things reader.
a obsessive book hoarder.
constantly searching for uniqueness.
a summer person
a flower-wearing-around-the-campfire dancer.
an owl-unicorn-flamingo lover.
a poetry-play-nonsense writer.
a proud Christian.
a dreamer.
a traveler.
a hugger.
a  philanthropist.
scared of humans.
a night person.
scared of the night.
a person with too many thoughts.
a mess.
a history lover.
a weird eater.
a fighter for equality.
a former ballet dancer.
writing a play.
a person who still believes in a better future.
living in a fairytale.
living in a nightmare.
on my way to find myself.
scared of the darkness inside me.
fighting my demons.
a family person.
a friend person.
blessed with perfect friends.
on Twitter, way too much.
obsessed with Snow White's apple.
about to change the world.
in love with nature.
a childish teenager.
glad to have a voice.
a rain cloud.
a rainbow.
an awful in-the-shower-singer.
a searcher.
a finder.
split up in hundreds of different parts.
like one of those expressionistic portraits.
a quiet person.
a screamer.
not ordinary.
not extraordinary.
an exhibition-visitor.
a lullaby-listener.
filling my soul with words.
finding my story in every book.
a mirror.
a part of a wonderful journey of a wonderful person.
a hockey fan.
not a fan of time difference.
friends with the moon.
an art lover.
obsessed with the Great Gatsby movie.
the mad hatter.
a poetry reader.
socially awkward.
searching for the last missing puzzle piece.
not good at this love thing.

I am more than this.

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