Montag, 13. April 2015

Writing/Taking notes in Books - My opinion and experience- A discussion

Today I would like to discuss with you a topic which isn't really popular but has been on my mind for the last few days.

When I've read Stolen by Lucy Christopher I already felt this urge to write my comments in the book and take some notes in it.

We all know that when we have to read a book in school.

You often do that to sum up what was going on or to make a remark about something.
It's not huge fun and it's not in addition to your reading experience.

I'm currently reading Happyface by Stephen Emond which includes some wonderful illustrations. I really felt like I needed to mark them in some way. So I took a pen and painted some crosses and circles to mark them.
Then I started to mark some lines and mainly in this book also references from other pieces of art and literature.

Why do I do this?
Of course I do it for myself. So, if I browse through the book after reading it, I can read my notes and when I'm re-reading the book I can see my thoughts and feelings when I first read it and maybe add some new ones.
But also because of my future kids. This may sound a little weird but as part of my legacy for my beloved ones I want to give them my books. Since I've read The Fault in our Stars I'm kind of obsessed with this "Leave a real mark", so this is part of it...

I'm very curious about your opinion! Is writing in a book for you a No-Go or do you do it too?

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