Montag, 15. Juni 2015

Things I don't want to hear as a woman, but unfortunately already had to

I want to dedicate this post to all those who still try to make me believe that we don't need feminism.
These are all situations with which I had to deal in the last couple years. The situations have occurred to me exactly the way I wrote them down and have not been additionally dramatized by me.
I don't want to whine or complain, but it shocked me that these things were only said to me, because I am a woman.Please don't try to explain to me that some of it are just silly sayings and I simply don't have a sense of humor.
It's not funny and it never will be. It is hurtful.

"I've got something spilled. Can you wipe that up? You know how that goes."
In a bookstore:
"Excuse me, but this is a men's thriller. Look there. It's written by a man. For men."
"The only books you  should buy are cookbooks."

"I do not understand why you read so much. You women need to finally understand  that you're not meant to understand these things!"
On the train:
"Excuse me, would you mind to change the train compartment? We are all men. And, well ... you're a woman."
In a restaurant at the coffee machine:
"Wait, I will help you!""No thanks. I prefer to ask an employee. I don't want to be helped by a woman."

"I would like to fight for women's rights!""Which rights?"
"Oh, you write? About what? Your menstrual problems?"
"Where are you working?""Something to do with technology, you don't understand."
"For everything which went wrong in the past we need to blame women."
"I am not misogynistic. I'm just saying women are now not as intelligent as men."
"Feminism is just a code name so you can live out your men hate."
"You want to study? Why? As a woman, you can do so many other things!"

"Women take everything away from us. First our jeans, then our shirts! What's next? Our pride?"

"Hey, you there with the breasts!"
"Women want so be suppressed!"
"I'm very interested in books and would really like to read your blog, but .. you're a woman."

"My dream girl is supposed to look super good and she should not be as intelligent as I am. I can not stand intelligent women."
"Women have such an easy life. You just need to cleaning, to cook and have children."
"And what does it feel like to hate men?"
"If you want to publish a book, use a pen name. A male one."
"This feminism thing of which you are talking about is spreading like the plague"
"Women sometimes better just shut up."

You see, I really, really, really need feminism!