Freitag, 11. September 2015

9/11 - In Memoriam

Everyone always asks: „Where were you, when it happened?”
I remember where I sat, I remember what I did, and most of all, I remember what I felt.
I was five.
My Mom was at the hairdresser. I was at home with my grandma. Watching TV, some show about animals, I think.
Then, suddenly it stopped. Breaking news. Pictures I couldn’t understand. First.
I was five.
All of the sudden, I realized the horror, the terror of these pictures. I covered my eyes with my hands, I screamed “Grandma, Grandma!”
I saw tears in her eyes, she wasn’t a person who cries a lot, and I knew, something terrible must have happened.
My Mom came home, close to crying, she saw us sitting there, my Grandma in tears, me sitting there, filled with fear, I had no idea.
I was five.
I asked “Mom, does the world stop now?” And it did, everything, everyone stopped. Everyone stood still in silence, in grief, in fear. And when the world started turning again, it was a different one.
I’m nineteen. It’s still a different one.
14 years. It feels like yesterday, doesn’t it? Because grief doesn’t know numbers. I may understand it better than back then, I will never understand it completely. How?
Hate, evil faced us with its most terrible appearance.
14 years later, evil hasn’t stopped yet, because we haven’t stopped evil.
We need to realize that not forgetting, means also not letting it happen again. Or at least we could try.
So many brave souls risked their life to save, to help. Now it’s our turn. We need to fight. Fight the evil.
“Do not accept an evil you can change.” (E.Lockhart)
We have to. For all those beautiful, innocent souls, who lost their lives. That’s the least we can do.


In memory of all those affected by this terrible, terrible event. We keep you in our prayers and thoughts. May your souls find rest.
We will fight for the good, I promise.

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