Dienstag, 8. September 2015

New Concept!

The last couple days, I thought a lot about my blog.
It means a whole lot to me, but honestly, I wasn’t happy about it.
That’s why I came up with a new concept!


The first thing that’s going to change is that I have regular, fixed posting days.
I will post a blog post every Friday!

In my blog description you can read what my blog is going to be about. Books, Writing, Christianity, Mental Health, Social Discussions and Lifestyle.

I will explain you now, what these different sections will contain.


This part of the blog will contain in-depth book reviews, discussions about topics in books, discussions about bookish topics (like Reading diversely, book buying, etc..)


I decided that it’s about time to make my blog a place for my writing too. You will mainly see poetry and some short fiction.

This section will also be about my life as a “writer” and my experiences.


I’m a young, Christian woman and I’m very proud of that. That’s why I want this to be a part of my blog. I will talk about my own experience with my journey with God, I try to give some advices, help you with your own journey and just share the love for God.

Mental Health:

While suffering of mental illnesses myself, I want Mental Health to be an important topic on my blog. I will talk about my experience, about different mental illnesses, about getting help, therapy, about the stigma surrounding it and a lot more!

Social Discussions:

I think this one is pretty clear. I will discuss current social movements/issues, including political discussions. For example how society is dealing with poverty, the issue of violence, problems with decreasing morality, etc..


You may realize that this is a widely ranged section, that’s why it includes a lot of different topics. It contains films, music, beauty (but more about the meaning behind it), fashion, different activities, etc..

I will mark every post with the name of the section it fits in, so, if you’re not interested in that specific topic, you can skip this post.

I hope you join me!

See you on Friday!

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