Mittwoch, 2. September 2015

Poetry Snippets

A lot of you may know that I write poetry.
Some of you don't.
Because I haven't put something on here.
But now I do.
Some musings, haikuish, small little things
You're free to love.

I'm stumbling, I'm crumbling
My heart's desire is flooding me
To find the one
Who sets my heart on fire.

Being locked.
No one knocked.
I'm stucked.

Not afraid to love at all.
Because I've been loved before.
From Someone greater than
A human could ever be.

You may laugh at me.
You may run after me.
You may hurt me.
But you will never kill my fanatsy.

My legacy,
you should pass it one,
My legacy,
you, the one.
My legacy,
my words,
while I loved.

Regret is gone.
Fear may stay.
Darkness stays forever.

Sing out of tune.
Otherwise no one
will ever see you.

Music's filling me.
Lullabies from someone else.
For me.
To fill my heart.
And wake it up.
While I sleep.

Feel me.
Fill me.
Find me.
Follow me.
Forgive me.
For me.

Mirror, mirror,
tell me now.
Will there ever be
An ending to this fairytale
Where no one's killing me?

Puzzle pieces
puzzled me
I'm a puzzle piece myself.

Moonlight songs
On a cold September night
If there'll ever be sunlight.

The world is yours.

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