Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

On being quirky

I can't stand when someone's coughing, because I need to cough too.
I have dreams of being a princess, a mirror, a sponge.
I'm wearing flowers to bring color in your life.
I suffer when someone's suffering from suffering.
I love or I hate and sometimes I do both.
I say somethings too often and some I never say.
I turn things upside-down to see if something better comes out of it.
I talk to the moon and we're friends.
I'm still a child jumping into mud.
I get stucked sometimes.
I write nonsense on purpose, but hey, don't tell anyone!
I'm really scared of humans, I'm not scared of creative humans.
I sing without singing.
I still hope to turn into Snow White when I'm old.
I wear red lipstick to dream more.
I'm not sure if I actually live or if I'm just a character in a book I'm reading.
I paint experimental because that's the best way to reflect my soul.
I'm dark with a little bit of colour and colour with a little bit of dark.
I'm a puzzled puzzle piece to someone's puzzle. Hopefully.
I hope someone's gonna write about me once.
I'm a night person who loves daytime.
I'm a bit of a mess in my mess,
I want to go on a road trip without going on a road trip.
I'm cold when it's hot and I'm hot when it's cold.
I have a fairytale nightmare.
I'm using my voice in silence to break the world's silence.
I'm crazy about words.
I have a thing with handwritten letters.
I'm an extraordinary ordinary.
I try to be art.
I'm quoting quotes to be quoteable.

It's okay to be quirky. That's the only way to survive this mad world.

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